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Today, many people, who care about their health, want to maintain good performance and enjoy an active life even in their advanced age, choose healthcare in Switzerland, because according to the World Health Organization, Swiss clinics provide medical care of extremely high quality.


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Als member of Kliniken Hirslanden in Switzerland, Salem-Spital distinguishes itself - all in the tradition of Diaconis Foundation - since 1888 through its high-quality medical and nursing care.   Its location in Bern offers a unique view of the old town and the Alps. Performance of the hospital focuses on gynecology, o

年均住院人数: 94037
年均门诊人数: 453741

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Les Hauts de Genolier诊所

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The Clinic Les Hauts de Genolier Genolier is a modern medical institution equipped with the state-of-art equipment in order to provide first-class medical services. The clinic was founded in 1972 and today it is one of the largest and most successful private hospitals in Switzerland, which is part of the Swiss Medical Network. T

de Genolier诊所

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Swiss clinics are known for providing the medical care of "golden" European standard. Moreover, healthcare in Switzerland can be combined with the relaxation.  

Permanence 医院

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We, that a highly qualified team of doctors, competent nursing staff and all other employees. We put our medical and human skills into service for your health. Permanence Clinic is the youngest private hospital in Bern and belongs to Hirslanden, the leading private clinic group in Switzerland.


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作为民营医院的圣安娜医院专注于其擅长的医疗领域,为患者提供最优质的医疗服务。 本院正致力于在不久的将来将重点医疗科室,如骨科、妇科、神经内科、神经外科、血管病科、肺病及呼吸系统疾病科、疼痛理疗科扩建成本院的创新能力中心。

de Valère诊所

location_on瑞士, 锡永
Swiss clinic Clinique de Valère is a construction of impressive proportions. Here, the best medical technologies are employed to provide patients with the first-class care. Our experts work 24/7 to offer you the highest quality treatment in a calm and pleasant environment. Swiss clinic Clinique de Valère puts all

Cham Zug安德烈亚斯诊所

location_on瑞士, 卡姆
Andreas Clinic is located in the center of Cham and yet in a very quiet environment. Thanks to its distinctive architecture and furnishings, the Clinic emanates a comfortable hotel atmosphere.  With its 56 beds the Andreas Clinic has a manageable size, so that patients and guests are always in good hands and looked after p

La Colline 诊所

location_on瑞士, 日内瓦

床位数: 67

Stephanshorn 诊所

location_on瑞士, 圣加仑


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As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, the Multispecialty Hospital Lindberg in Winterthur ranges amongst the leading medical facilities in Switzerland. With more than 100 accredited doctors of various specialties, the Lindberg Hospital offers a broad range of medical services. Focal areas of the Hospital are orthopedics inc

年均住院人数: 2500

Im Park 诊所

location_on瑞士, 苏黎世

Obach 私立医院

location_on瑞士, 索洛图恩
If you are looking for the best hospitals of the world, give Swiss hospitals a go. Swiss hospitals offer the most advanced equipment, high-quality service, care, as well as perfect organization, which are also cornerstones of our private hospital operating for over 85 years. This helps us lay a foundation for success treatment a

床位数: 65


location_on瑞士, 阿劳
Hirslanden Klinik Aarau is the largest private hospital in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland and is a first class acute care hospital offering a comprehensive list of personalised medical services. The modern infrastructure allows specialists of all disciplines to work together in a cohesive interdisciplinary approach allowin


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Klinik Am Rosenberg in Switzerland is a leading private hospital that works in collaboration with the Hirslanden private hospital group renowned for its expertise and excellence. The clinic boasts cutting edge medical technology, modern infrastructure and a philosophy that “people who feel good, look good” which comp

床位数: 48
年均住院人数: 3381

Merian Iselin 诊所

location_on瑞士, 巴塞尔
The Merian Iselin Clinic in Basel is a leading health center specializing in the field of orthopedics and surgery in Switzerland. Set up as a modern private clinic providing beds for affiliated private specialists, Merian Iselin Clinic can give patients the freedom to choose their physician regardless of their class of insurance


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