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Treatment of stomach cancer in Germany: focus on the quality of life

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Clinical trials have convincingly confirmed effectiveness of the multimodal approach in the treatment of malignant tumors of the stomach. Radical surgical treatment with endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques is performed at the initial stages of cancer. In patients with locally advanced and metastatic tumors, perioperative chemotherapy...

Minimally invasive surgery: treatment of spinal disc herniation in Germany

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Minimally invasive technologies were introduced to the spinal surgery sphere later than to the other surgical fields. This was due to the difficulty of forming the full-fledged surgical access and imaging of the spinal cord while working with miniature endoscopic instruments, through small incisions in the surrounding tissues.

Treatment and diagnostics in Germany: peculiarities and benefits

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Medical tourism gives the opportunity to undergo an inaccessible in your home country examination and receive the necessary treatment. It is worthwhile to investigate basic principles of the foreign healthcare system work and terms of providing medical care for foreigners in advance. This will allow you to select a suitable clinic and doctor...

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