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小儿外科 (109401)

Dietrich v. Schweinitz


Dietrich v. Schweinitz




该科在主任医师Dietrich v. Schweinitz 教授的指导下提供下列治疗重点:

  • 小儿肿瘤手术,如:肾母细胞瘤,神经母细胞瘤,生殖细胞瘤,肝及软组织瘤
  • 先天性畸形的气管支气管重建
  • 脑部和脊髓畸形手术
  • 颅骨畸形的手术矫正
  • 小儿神经外科
  • 耳畸形的手术矫正
  • 先天性心脏病的诊断和治疗
  • 移植前后的护理
  • (先天性)血管疾病的治疗和诊断
  • (先天性)小儿肾脏病的治疗和诊断
  • (先天性)内分泌腺(肾上腺,甲状腺,甲状旁腺,糖尿病)疾病的治疗和诊断
  • (先天性)胃肠道疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)肝,胆,胰疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)呼吸道和肺部疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)风湿性疾病的诊断和治疗
  • 儿童和青少年肿瘤疾病的治疗
  • 儿童和青少年(先天性)血液病的诊断和治疗
  • 新生儿/儿科重症监护
  • 先天性和后天性免疫缺陷性疾病的治疗和诊断(包含艾滋病)
  • (先天性)代谢疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)神经系统疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)神经肌肉疾病的诊断和治疗
  • (先天性)神经系统代谢性疾病/神经退行性疾病的诊断和治疗
  • 其他先天性畸形,先天性缺陷和围产期疾病的诊断和治疗
  • 染色体异常的诊断和治疗
  • 早产儿和新生儿的特殊疾病的诊断和治疗


Before moving to Munich, Dr. Dietrich von Schweinitz had been holding the position of the Chief Physician in the Department of Pediatrics at the University Hospital Basel for four years, and also had headed the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Basel. Prof. Schweinitz received his medical education at the University of Hamburg, where in 1981 he defended his doctoral thesis. After his work as an Assistant Physician at the hospitals of Regensburg, Reutlingen and Hannover, he received the title of a Medical Specialist in General and Pediatric Surgery. In 1995, Dr. Dietrich von Schweinitz was habilitated (paper on hepatoblastoma, which is a rare tumor in childhood). After seven years of practice as a Senior Physician at the Hanover Medical School in 1999 the doctor was offered the position in Basel. Since June 1, 2003, Prof. Dietrich von Schweinitz was appointed the Chief Physician of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at the University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


  • Scientific Committee Member of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology.
  • Bavarian Academy of Sciences.
  • Center for Ethics at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


  • 1995 Richard Drachter Prize of the German Society of Pediatric Surgery.
  • 2002 Dora Zeif Prize for Research in Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel.

Main Research Focuses

  • Pediatric oncology.
  • Pediatric hematology


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